Top Ten Lists

We start ever month with a top ten list. From biggest waterfalls to tallest trees, heaviest elements to biggest moons – we love counting and measuring anything.

Collective Nouns

In April, 2023, marine biologists united and declared a group of squid be called a ‘squad of squid’. So we ran with it – like a cackle of hyenas.

Science Facts

June 2021 we posted a science fact about Jupiter’s red spot. Then the next day we posted another, and the next day, and the day after that. Two years later and we haven’t missed a day.

Continental Drift

We shared an image a day in March, 2023, taking our audience on a journey of how our world looked over the past hundreds of millions of years to today.

Solar System Underground

Some people drive home from Lake Tahoe thinking about the beautiful trees, and some drive home thinking to themselves, “What would the Solar System look like if it were drawn like the London Underground map?”

On our Facebook page, where it all began, we still post six science articles a day. Although we’ve been at it since 2015, we only started keeping records in 2019.